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Where Sky And Sea Meet Your Fantasy

Blue diamond is available in various shades of blue ranging from delicate blue hue to intensely rich ‘azure’ blue Color. Other fancy colors like the “aquamarine” blue, sapphire blue and grayish blue are also high on demand.

Blue Diamonds exude outstanding phosphorescence and are categorized on the basis of fluorescence, richness of colors and saturation. It is observed that blue diamonds get this distinctive coloration due to the presence of traces of hydrogen, nickel or boron in the stones. According to the Gemological Institute of America, blue diamonds fall under the ‘grayish-blue’ gradation. Whether they are natural or fancy colored synthetic diamonds, blue diamonds command premium prices when compared to other colored diamonds. The pricing depends on coloration, availability, clarity and use. Furthermore, a good Diamond Cut plays an important role to enhance the natural sheen and beauty of these amazing gem stones.

One of the rarest naturally bred diamonds is the blue diamond. The earliest one of this variety was discovered from the Cullinan Mine, located at Pretoria. The famous blue diamond- Heart of Eternity- a vivid blue colored natural diamond weighing 27 carats was first found at this mine! Another well-known blue diamond is the Hope Diamond- a deep blue diamond of 45.52 carat weight which was found originally in India and later, in the 17th century, it was presented to King Louis XIV of France. Presently, the Hope Diamond, also known as the Tavernier Blue, is showcased at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC. Another “largest” blue diamond is the “rosy blue” Idol’s Eye of 70 carats which tops the list of the much-celebrated publicly-displayed diamonds of the world!


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Tiffany Diamond

Tiffany Diamond – Its Really Rocking Everyone

If you are fond of diamonds then you must be familiar with Tiffany Diamond. Needless to say that it is the most precious and rare gem found in the world. This fancy yellow diamond weighted 287.42 carats (57.484 g) roughly when initially discovered in 1878. Originally found in South Africa’s Kimberly mine it first purchased by one Mr. Charles Tiffany for his store collection. Given the shape of cushion, this elegant gem now weighs a little over 128.54 carats (25.90 g) in its present form and has 90 facets out of which 32 are round in nature to increase its shine and brilliance. It took more than a year for Mr. George Kunz to decide upon its cut, as the Diamond is very rare. Owned by world famous Tiffany & Co., this diamond has the design of bird sitting on the rock and was designed in 1960.Now with only a handful of diamonds remaining Tiffany is the most sought after gems in the world.

Tiffany Diamond has a total 82 cuts which is 24 times more than the average diamond. Due to this high cut size the diamond looks all the more radiant and beautiful and these cuts were given with a purpose, just to increase its shine to the maximum. Once the permutations in cutting were completed and the final cut given, the diamond became most sought after and with now Mr. Charles tiffany was referred to as “King of diamonds”

The diamond is so precious and rare that it is not for wearing but has become an antique piece for display. One of the surprising facts about the beautiful diamond is that only two women have worn it in its entire lifetime. Famous celebrity Ms. Sheldon White house and the famous actress Audrey Heyburn were the only two lucky females who could wear it. Ms. Sheldon wore it during Tiffany ball in 1987 and the diamond was mounted on a necklace exclusively for this occasion and Ms Hepburn wore it for a publicity campaign. Through this Diamond, Ms Hepburn had also promoted the movie “Breakfast With Tiffany”. And after this the diamond has never been worn by anybody till date.

Though purchased for a few thousand dollars by Mr. Charles, this beautiful and rare gem is priceless today. The diamond at present indeed not for selling purpose but is being loaned out to museums and other organizations for the public viewing and display.

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Pink Diamond: The Incredibly Distinguished Elite Diamond

Want to leave the world spellbound like many Hollywood stars? Remember how actress Vivica Fox’s luminous Pink Diamond dress left spectators hypnotized? Did you see how Jennifer Lopez sporting plush Pink Diamond engagement ring? Think of the valuable Pink Diamond Ring David Beckham gifted to his wife Victoria? Just go ahead and grab this natural beauty, Pink Diamond, and present it to your loved ones to show your passion and make them feel like the stars.

Generally considered as a womanly color, Pink Diamond jewelry has become the hot favorite among ladies. Pink Diamond has conquered the hearts of many in the fashion world. It is fast becoming a necessary accessory of the elite.

Show off a Pink Diamond and create a monarchal ambiance. Want to roam around like an empress? You can find genuine, rosy glow on your face just by wearing the sparkling Pink Diamond jewelry make others green with envy. This immaculate elliptical diamond is generally found in various shades of pink. The less admired shades of pink are carroty and lavender in color. The most preferred diamond of the proficient; the Pink Diamonds are regarded as the most adorable treasure by the elite. The color pink is at all times linked to the elegance, tenderness, sophistication, flair of a woman.

Diamond is considered to be women’s best friend. All the diamonds are a marvel of Mother Nature. The Pink Diamond is evidently an indication of womanliness. Want to flaunt one of the atypical and the most expensive diamond to leave your acquaintances green eyed? You would say rubies and pink sapphires are easily available. The simple reason is even the best and considerably expensive sapphires do not have the glitter that the Pink Diamond takes pleasure in exhibiting. Besides diamonds are more unyielding and longer lasting when compared to sapphires and rubies.

Even though diamond is very hard in nature, it looks very delicate and graceful when included in any ornament. The Pink Diamond is a pleasant blend of magic, passion and color. Genuine multi colored diamonds are very scarce and pricy. Imagine your beautiful complexion being multiplied by the opulent radiance of a Pink Diamond. This diamond will make you look graceful and succulent. Go Pink Diamond way and paint the town pink with the Pink Diamond.

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Diamond necklace: A mile stone of love

Diamond Necklace

Diamond Necklace For Womens
Diamond is the everlasting jewel. Diamond Necklace is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about gifts. The star studded necklace is a perfect present that verbalizes the grace and splendor of a woman.

How to choose ideal diamond necklace?

Who would not like a magnificent, star studded diamond necklace as a gift from beloved? But before selecting diamond necklace one has to take into account various features like lady’s body profile, age etc. A thin string of diamonds would suit young girl more than an elderly lady. Diamond studded broad gold necklace will go well with comparatively older women. Using stretchy string will make Diamond necklace fall well around the neck. Multi layered diamond necklace looks good in long thin neck.

A perfect Diamond Necklace for a lady means selecting a piece that augurs well to the body frame, size, age, lifestyle and above all temperament. Also the selection will differ for the occasion. Formal parties would mean a much simpler and non gaudy fitting while an informal party calls for a trendier fitting. No other thing is capable of making a lady shine like a diamond necklace.

A Fancy Yellow Diamond Necklace

How to select proper color?

Though long established white diamond necklace is an all time favorite, one of the four C’s of diamond has significant role to play in selection. The shades of yellow diamonds in necklace will add to the charm of a lady with fairer skin tone. The pink diamond necklace goes well with darker skin tone. Finding a proper color is not at all difficult as ample shades of diamond are accessible very easily.

Unbelievable Gift For Your Loved Ones

Four C’s:

Cut, carat, color, clarity, size and last but not the least shape are must present members in any diamond necklace. Impeccably cut diamond speaks of elegance. Colorless diamond necklace will be costlier than the colored ones. Lighter shades will come cheaper but brighter the shade price will increase accordingly. Pure clarity of diamonds is pleasing to eyes. Carat i.e. weight of diamond plays vital role in pricing. So choose Diamond Necklace wisely while sticking to your budget. There are many shapes and sizes to choose from. Beautiful and graceful diamond necklace looks fabulous, fancy yet simple.

Combining pearls and diamonds together highlights a woman’s feminine appearance. Circle diamond necklace is very eminent and looks trendy. A diamond necklace is one priceless possession which every woman cherishes for a lifetime.

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Diamond bracelet: A Sizzling Sparkle

A Perfect Gift Forever

A Perfect Gift Forever

The custom of sporting bracelets has its origin in the Stone Age when the bracelets were made up of the shells and stones of different colors. To possess an ageless jewelry mentions the splendor and classiness of each lady’s aspiration. This is one and only- the diamond bracelet. Every woman conventional or modern likes to show off a diamond bracelet as a fashion statement. There are not many works of art that have an ability to take your breath away at the very first glance like a diamond bracelet. It looks so marvelous that many are left speechless after having a look at it.

How to choose a perfect diamond necklace?

There are many experts in manufacturing diamond bracelets – available in various settings and flavors. The catalog available with these traders features bracelets ranging between lighter and heavier varieties. These diamond bracelets are inimitably sculptured for every taste, pocket and genre. There are various types of diamond bracelets available to choose from. Platinum diamond bracelet, diamond cuffs, gold diamond bracelet, silver diamond bracelet, solitaire diamond bracelet, three stud diamond bracelet etc.

Platinum diamond bracelets are most preferred ones because of their resilience. They can be worn at all occasions and pretty durable piece of jewelery. Making of platinum diamond bracelets started since 20th century and it is the most futuristic jewelery.

Great Looking - Inspiring Every One's Look

Great Looking - Inspiring Every One

Beautifully carved bracelet of diamond look splendid! With modern technology and advanced craftsmanship, almost all designs are possible to be made on a bracelet with diamond studs. Delicate flowers, beautiful colored diamond petals, modern cut; you name it and the jewelry will promptly custom design for you.

Fitting is very important when you talk of bracelet. See that the bracelet fits properly on your wrist. Too loose hanging bracelets don’t look classy. Good fit and a unique pattern is what make a diamond bracelet steal the show.

What to assess before buying diamond bracelet?

There are different sizes and shapes of diamonds. It is always advised that one should make proper groundwork before buying any diamond jewelry. Diamond bracelet should have perfect veneer, guarantee about genuineness of diamonds, precise polish and striking cut. Ask for a GIA certificate when you are not assured about the purity of diamond. Now many manufacturers offer online catalogs of diamond bracelets with an option to buy online.

What precautions to be taken while buying online?

Take extra precautions while shopping online because at times the photographs shown on websites can be misleading. Enquire in advance about the payment policies and whether the company has an option of full refund upon returning diamond jewelry. Consider the online offers for diamond jewelry by reputed companies only. Taking precautionary measures will help you show off that sizzling sensation called Diamond Bracelet.

Great Looking Necklace - Specially for Gals n Women

Great Looking Necklace - Specially for Gals n Women

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Diamond and Wedding: Two Separable Virtues

A wedding is a ceremony that celebrates the union of two souls, bodies and families. It is a relationship that lasts forever for lifetimes. There are many ornaments or item of desire that makes a wedding special and immortal. A wedding diamond is the surest way to go and make the wedding memorable.

Great Information About Diamond Jewelry

Great Information About Diamond Jewelry

Wedding is a major milestone that ushers both bride and groom in a new life. A wedding symbolizes announcement of the couple’s readiness to assume the responsibility of parenthood. Diamonds are solid, transparent, and opulent and besides they are the hardest known stones on earth. A wedding diamond symbolizes rock solid relationship between the couple, transparent attitude, vibrance, radiance and ever lasting love- all the virtues of a diamond. A diamond will last for lifetime and epitomize unflinching love and trust between the couple.

Diamond - Symbol of Fresh Love

Diamond - Symbol of Fresh Love

What precautions to be taken?

While purchasing diamond jewelry one has to be extra careful. To make out real from fake diamond needs expertise. A skilled jeweler is the only person who can distinguish between fake from genuine. Asking for GIA certificate for diamond jewelry is the wisest thing to ascertain the genuinety of diamond. The diamond gets certificate from GIA only after passing a few tests. Cut, carat, clarity and color are key factors which decide price of diamond. Going to a reputed jeweler assures good quality diamond jewelry.

Colored diamonds are also available now days. Choosing bright color diamonds for wedding jewelry makes sense as colored diamonds make great style statement. Bright shades of color diamonds are quite expensive. Pale shades are scaled as lower grade stones.

How to purchase?

One can purchase diamond jewelry online also. There are many companies that offer online shopping giving different payment options. Sometimes photographs shown on the website can be deceiving. So make sure the company is ready for full refund if you return jewelry. Designing diamond jewelry is extremely simple. Some websites provide this option of custom made jewelry to make each piece a truly special one.

valuable diamonds waiting for you

valuable diamonds waiting for you

Christian wedding is mainly exchanging wedding vows in a church or a cathedral and the vow is administered by the pastor or parish. There is a good attendance during this ceremony. It may be worthwhile for the bride and the groom to bedeck them with Diamond Ring. The bride will look especially splendid and resplendent in pristine opulence bestowed by diamond jewelry.

Charming Wedding Jewelry

Charming Wedding Jewelry

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Diamond Rings – A Girl’s True Friend

diamond ring looking great
diamond ring looking great

The name of diamonds and diamond rings spells feminine charm! Truly, a diamond is meant for woman (or is it the other way round?) and the glint in your girl’s eyes when you surprise her with a beautiful diamond ring is a pleasure in itself; a moment that’ll be cherished throughout your life. Now, this isn’t another ‘mooting article’ on how to seduce your girl with a Diamond Ring or where to get cheap diamonds? (There’s nothing called cheap diamonds!)- You should know more about seducing your girl! But, probably you have lesser knowledge about the ‘types of diamonds’, their composition etc. No, this isn’t boring- you could impress your girl with some smart talks about diamonds! (Tips of advice- don’t make it too lengthy!).

Why do we call a diamond a ‘diamond’? Confusing? The word diamond is derived from the word ‘adamas’ in Greek, which means ‘invincible’. Diamond possesses an atomic structure (an uncommon one) that makes it one of the hardest natural ‘matter’. Thus, it holds true to being ‘invincible’ and so it’s rightly, called the diamond. No wonder, this translucent beauty is damn expensive!

Diamond Rings Special for Some One
Diamond Rings Special for Some One

Scientifically there are 4 types of diamonds-the type 1a, 1b, 2a and 2b. Typically diamonds are made up of carbon, but most of the diamonds in the market have certain impurities in them (which are usually added).

  • Type 1a: 98% of the diamonds in the market are of type1a. All the type 1 diamonds contain nitrogen. Type 1a contains nitrogen as a cluster in the carbon lattice of the diamond. They absorb blue light, thus making the diamond appear pale yellow or brown in color.
  • Type 1b: These diamonds have the nitrogen evenly spread throughout the carbon lattice. The absorb green light and blue light, which gives the diamond a darker color than the type 1a diamond. Less than 0.1% diamonds are of type1b.
  • Type 2a: Type 2 diamonds contain no or very few atoms of nitrogen. The purest of the diamonds. They contain no or tiny tots of impurities and most of them are colorless for this reason. However, an imperfect carbon lattice may sometimes attribute to its blue, yellow or brown color.
  • Type 2b: these diamonds do not contain nitrogen but still absorbs red, orange and yellow light. Why? Because it contains traces of boron. It appears a magnificent blue in color.
For Beautiful Hands
Diamond Ring Forever

Now, enough of trivia on diamonds, but thanks to it, you won’t be sounding a fool in the jewelry store! The heart of the diamond ring is the Diamond and make sure you buy the best bet. Rings made up of gold are the usual favorites and there are some marvelous designs that you can opt for. If you are a bit low on budget or perhaps want to make the ring look more splendid then coupling the Diamond with stones like Ruby, Ivory or emerald is a good idea (or some other good looking stones that’s cheaper than diamond will be fine!). Make sure you select a worthy friend for the girl- you are her ‘man’!

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Round Diamond

High On Brilliance And Fire

diamond_diagram1A Round Diamond is an eternal beauty! Its unique traditional cut combined with incredible brilliance steals hearts of many diamond enthusiasts all over the world.

The first ever natural rough Diamond which was given the shape of a round cut diamond was discovered at the Letseng Mine in Lesotho in the early eighteen century. The next one – the Cullinan Diamond- a true brilliant cut round diamond of 3106 carats was crafted in 1905. The famous Koh-i-Noor diamond – a masterpiece of art- was another round diamond weighing 478 carats. It was one of the largest round diamonds in the world and celebrated an Indian legacy. Later, during 1919, round diamonds gained popularity when Marcel Tolkowsky proposed a model of ideal diamond cut techniques and proportions, giving birth to the most sought-after round cut diamond shape. Following Tolkowsky’s expert craftsmanship, round diamonds are shaped in two broad forms with distinctive facets- the step-cut with a set of “staircase” facets and the brilliant cut featuring several triangular facets.

round-diamondThe exquisite shape and the brilliance of its contour may cost you a million! There can be naturally-bred diamonds shaped up to an excellent brilliant-cut round diamond. Else, you may obtain synthetic round diamonds which are comparatively less expensive. Diamond connoisseurs may also check out fancy colored round diamonds. There are different vibrant hues and shades including pink, purple, yellow, blue, green, and even red. Last but not the least, whenever you go out for shopping diamonds, have a good understanding of the Four C standards. The actual price and quality of a good diamond are assessed on the basis of its cut, clarity, color and carat weight.

Today, round diamond has carved a niche for itself in the contemporary diamond jewelry segment as well. Shaping of a diamond, no doubt, depends on personal tastes and preferences for jewellery. But a round diamond tops the popularity chart because of its all-round radiance with a blush of romance! Win the heart of your lady love with a round diamond solitaire. It would certainly add glitters to your love life!


Among the most preferred Diamond Cuts like emerald cuts, princess cuts, Asscher cuts and some sparkling silhouettes like oval, rectangular, pear shapes, heart shapes, etc, the round diamonds hold the highest appeal when designed for engagement rings, wedding rings, pendants, bands and trinkets.

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To Bring Out A Perfect Cut


Diamond Cutting is a highly-specialized scientific process that changes a rough diamond to a multifaceted gemstone. The process of cutting diamonds involves high-end proficiency and technical know-how, state-of-the-art tools and a team of expert craftsmen to bring to the surface the beauty of these precious stones from rough and irregular shaped natural diamonds. Depending on various shapes and sizes, diamonds undergo specific cuts that comprise a set of characteristics including width, depth, girdle, table, crown, pavilion, etc. A proper Cut of a diamond also determines various levels of its light performance including fire(dispersion), scintillation, brightness, etc.

With the advent of the new ‘Point Cut’ technique in the last half of the 13 th century, the world experienced a simplistic method of diamond cutting for the very first time. A Point Cut Diamond featured a four-sided, octahedral crystal that later transformed into several other cuts or variations like the single cut, table cut, Old European cut, Old Miner and the most recent, the brilliant cut. Undoubtedly, diamond cutting involves considerable amount of patience, expertise and creative acumen to craft, develop and transform the nature’s hardest material into an incredibly beautiful gemstone. In addition, a careful consideration should be given to bring out the beauty with respect to the best Four C standards, without compromising on the material wastes while cutting as well as minimizing production costs. modern_round_brilliant_diamond

Diamond cutting involves four broad steps of development:

  • Marking: The process which determines the directions of cleavages and grains in the raw crystals and marks the points of imperfections which are supposed to be cleaved or chopped. A correct examination of each such points in a diamond crystal thus is crucial to obtain a perfect cut and to yield the highest value.
  • Planning: In this phase, the desired size and the relative value of a specific cut are assessed.
  • Cleaving or sawing: the process by which diamonds are either cleaved manually or sawed with a rotary saw or by a laser.
  • Bruting and Girdling: a rotary lathe is used now to create facets on the diamond crystals. Gradually a rough stone is transformed into a cone-shaped diamond with rounded outlines.
  • Polishing: It is the final stage of diamond cutting. Here, each crystal is faceted in the beginning through the ‘blocking’ technique and then undergoes ‘polishing’ via ‘brillianteering’. Thus the diamond gets its sheen, fire and brilliance.


The American Gem Society Laboratory (AGS) has also developed a set of cutting standards for some specific Diamond cuts like the round cut and the princess cut. Following their set guidelines, diamond cutting has been further graded, depending on several factors like polish, proportion, light performance and symmetry. These Cut Grades are as follows:

  • Elite Ideal Cut Grade
  • Excellent Cut Grade
  • Very Good Cut Grade
  • Good Cut Grade
  • Fair Cut Grade

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